Future Aleppo 3: Future Aleppo
Future Aleppo
One boy's dream to rebuild his city
For children and youngsters aged 10 to 13

Future Aleppo

One boy's dream to rebuild his city

Running time:
  • 23. May 2018 - 29. May 2018
During the siege of Aleppo and after his forced displacement from the war zone, the then 13-year-old Mohammed Kteish worked on a model of his home town Aleppo.
He focused on what it should look like in the future and how he would like to see it. Mohammed's model has now been integrated with virtual reality technology so that others can experience his vision, too.

In May Mohammed will come to Vienna for the first time. He will hold five workshops at ZOOM, where he will call on the children of Vienna to help him develop his model, and his vision for the future. During the workshops, Mohammed will further develop his models with kids from Vienna.

The workshops will encourage visitors to explore the city of Aleppo, to understand its history and even meet and interact with its inhabitants. Children will have the opportunity to contribute to the model by constructing their own buildings from similar materials and to leave a lasting mark through using ideas and design inspired by their own stories and history.

Workshops will be held (in English, supported by a German-speaking ZOOM staff member) on five days. Red Thread Media's technical crew will ensure the experience is one to remember.
A cooperation of ZOOM Children’s Museum Vienna and OFID