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Main sponsors and partners

From its very beginnings, ZOOM Children’s Museum sought to attract and establish long-term cooperation with corporate businesses. Not least for this reason, ZOOM Children’s Museum is one of the few cultural institutions in Austria today that can rely on a comparatively high level of sponsoring funds, amounting to a total of approximately 14 per cent of its budget.


Partnerships between non-profit-making organisations and corporate businesses are no easy undertaking, especially not for a children’s museum. Our partners cannot rely on the advertising they are used to employing. The companies who support ZOOM Children’s Museum have thus voluntarily agreed to take our visitors’ age (8 months - 14 years) into account and find suitable ways to express their indispensable commitment to ZOOM Children’s Museum.


We would like to thank our corporate partners for the trust they place into ZOOM Children’s Museum. They have pledged their long-term commitment to support ZOOM Children’s Museum as a place of learning, exploration and discovery. Without their commitment many of ZOOM’s activities would not be possible.

Main sponsors and partners of ZOOM Studio and ZOOM Ocean:

Additional Sponsors:

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