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ZOOM Studio

Enjoying design, painting, drawing and getting creative together with artists

The children are given the chance to try out techniques and materials that often have no place in kids’ bedrooms, schools and kindergartens, usually because they take up too much space or are messy. Work at ZOOM Studio is process-oriented: it is not a finished product that is important as much as the children’s individual experience, accompanied by the artists of the ZOOM team. In this context, special attention is paid to the encounters, experiences and conversations made while working.

Head of ZOOM Studio: Franziska Abgottspon

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Current Workshops

Metal metal everywhere!

Trains run on iron rails. Steel grids make house walls stronger. The kitchen drawers are filled with stainless steel cutlery. Braces are held together with wires. There are clothes fabrics with silver threads woven into them. And there’s a tiny metal ball sitting in the end of a ballpoint pen…