Mit und ohne Worte : kindermuseum mitmachausstellung
For children aged 6 to 12


ZOOM Hands-on Exhibition

Speech, writing, signs, gestures, expressions, singing, music, painting, dance… All that and lots more is communication.
Running time:
  • 05. October 2022 - 26. February 2023
  • 07. March 2023 - 30. June 2023
In our hands-on exhibition you’ll learn lots of ways to express yourself and to understand others. To be able to process information correctly, you always need to understand how it’s being passed on. But once you’ve cracked the code, can you really understand the information? You’ll soon see that communication isn’t possible without awareness and respect.
Expand your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and experiment with pantomime, braille or sign language! Invent your own language with rhythm and colours in the Jam Club! Two communication towers are waiting to be captured – climb up, slide down and send information flying through the air! How can you communicate with someone you can’t see, using your whole body? Send messages speeding through pneumatic tubes… Word salad is served up, and flowery language meets tongue twisters… And the latest news is written in the ZOOM NEWSROOM. And how does communication work in the animal kingdom?