ZOOM Animated Film Studio
ZOOM Animated Film Studio
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ZOOM Animated Film Studio

Multimedia lab for Animation, Sound and Video

ZOOM Animated Film Studio is the place at ZOOM Children's Museum where children can experiment with new technologies without any previous technical knowledge and work together in teams to produce animated films and sounds. Their creations are incorporated into ZOOM’s animated films collection: ZOOM Collection.

Head of ZOOM Animated Film Studio: Barbara Kaiser

Workshops from October:

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Archive of Lab Club-Workshops:

ZOOM Animated Film Studio Sound 1

Sound Studio - Workshop Packages

Workshops for children
and youngsters from 8 to 14
At our Sound Studio, stories, texts, and ideas are transformed into songs, audioplays, and video clips. At Songs and Stories, the children can explore the possibilities offered by the Sound Studio, in our “video clip” workshop the relationship between image and sound.
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